Exclusive Benefits

At Sterling Federal Bank we are committed to adding extreme value to our customers.

We partner with our customers to help keep them informed on important trends that impact their businesses. We provide them with the necessary resources to help them protect their businesses and families from unforeseen risks that could be financially devastating if undetected through our exclusive:

6 Point Estate & Succession Planning Analysis

Sterling Federal Bank offers an estate planning checklist so you can ensure the smooth transition of wealth from one generation to another. Good estate planning ensures that the family’s financial goals are met. Our 6 Point Estate and Succession Planning analysis can help you pinpoint what steps you need to take to improve your succession plans.

12 Point Cybersecurity Risk Partnership

Cybersecurity has been a huge risk to businesses and individuals in the recent years. Our 12 Point Cybersecurity Risk Partnership gives you the peace of mind that Cybersecurity measures are in place and adequate for your business.

7 Point Fraud Mitigation Checkup

Fraud is also a huge risk to individuals and businesses. Our 7 Point Fraud Mitigation Checkup can help point out what areas may need improvement to ensure your safety.

6 Point Financial Benefit Analysis

Our commercial loan officers will meet with you fact to face annually to discuss the key financial drivers of your business using our Sterling Federal Bank Financial Benefit Analysis so we can maximize your opportunities regardless of the economy