Four Seasons Club

A club with year-round activities for our seasoned customers age 50+.

It’s more than just a seniors’ group or travel club. The Four Seasons Club gives the kind of service and attention you deserve. By the time you reach the age of 50, you’ve earned the right to a few privileges. You deserve recognition for your hard work, including some special opportunities and benefits from your bank.


As a Four Seasons member, you have the advantage of enjoying a variety of benefits, all designed with your specific lifestyle in mind. And, there’s no membership fee! Simply be age 50+ and maintain deposits of $20,000 or more with Sterling Federal Bank and these benefits can be yours:

  • Four Seasons Club Rooms in our Sterling and Dixon offices provide you with a place to meet friends and fellow members.
  • Travel to Exciting and Faraway Places – Frequent day trips and seasonal overnight tours are reasonably priced getaways.
  • Travel Points Program* – Only Sterling Federal’s Four Seasons Club offers you a special Travel Points Program. Earn valuable points good toward free or discounted day trips or overnight tours.
  • Have Fun and Meet New Friends at Four Seasons monthly card parties and other social events planned just for club members.
  • Free Shredding Service – Our Four Seasons Club rooms are equipped with locked security consoles where you may dispose of your documents that require shredding. Your personal information is not just shredded, it is pulverized, compacted and transported for recycling.
  • Four Seasons Club Checks – Receive free Four Seasons Club checks with your Sterling Federal checking account.
  • Special Free Services – Cashiers’ Checks and Money Orders at no charge.
  • Plus many other free services, such as checkbook balancing, photocopying, laminating, and much more!

Fill out the Four Seasons Club Membership Form or download a form to print, fill out and bring into a branch location. If you need further help or information about opening a qualifying account, visit any convenient Sterling Federal Bank office. A club director or customer service representative will be glad to help you.

Start enjoying the benefits of the special time of your life today!


Only Sterling Federal’s Four Seasons Club offers you a special Travel Points Program. Earn valuable points good toward free or discounted day trips or overnight tours by joining the Four Seasons Club, by banking at Sterling Federal, and even by participating in Four Seasons travel events.

How to Earn Points

As a member of the Four Seasons Club, you will receive ample opportunities to earn Four Seasons Travel Points, including:

  • Initial Awards for joining the Four Seasons Club
  • Monthly Awards for the average daily balance you maintain in Sterling Federal Bank deposit accounts
  • Annual Awards for paying for the renewal of your safe deposit box
  • Day Trip and Tour Awards for participating in a Four Seasons Club day trip or overnight tour
  • Special Offers & Promotions that Sterling Federal Bank may periodically offer members.

For more information on how points are awarded or for a complete list of potential award opportunities, please download our Four Seasons Club Program Rules or contact a Four Seasons Club Director.

Be the lucky traveler and win!

In addition to Travel Points, you could win a Free trip or Gift Cards on each trip. Each day trip will feature a drawing for one full refund of the cost of the trip for one lucky traveler! And, each overnight excursion where a Sterling Federal Bank representative is present will feature a drawing for $100 to $500 for one very lucky traveler.

* In accordance with IRS regulations, the value of Four Seasons Travel Points redeemed must be reported to the IRS.

Calendar of Events

December 13th
Four Seasons Christmas Party

December 17th
How the Barn Stole Christmas-The Barn III (Conklin Barn)

2024 Schedule

Feb 6th   Winter Birthdays (invite only)

Feb 23rd   Jersey Boys-Fireside

Mar 6th Fiddler on the Roof, Drury Lane                                               

Mar 14th St. Patrick’s Day Bingo – Dixon                                              

May 3rd  Beautiful, Fireside

May 13th  The Letterman, Circa ‘21

May 21st-Spring Birthdays (invite only)  

May 30th-Milwaukee Brewers v.s. Chicago Cubs

July 12th  Nunsense, Fireside

Aug 7th  Menopause, Circa ’21

Aug 20th Summer Birthdays (invite only)

Aug 28th King in Concert,  Circa ’21

Sept 12th Bingo in Dixon

Oct 13th As Long as We Both Shall Live-The Barn III

Nov 14th Fall Birthdays (invite only)

Dec 11th Tentative Christmas Party

Dec 13th Miracle on 34th St., Fireside

Dec 19th Christmas Bingo in Sterling

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Brandi Reeter
Four Seasons Director

110 E 4th St
P.O. Box 617
Sterling, IL  61081