Ultimate Business & Ag Banking Package

This package includes all features of the Essential Business & Ag Banking Package, plus:

ACH Origination

Simplify your collection process and payroll with ACH debit and credits. Make receivables efficient and improve your cash management by collecting money faster.

  • Payroll direct deposit origination.
  • ACH debit or credit origination – build your own on our site or process an uploaded file from your software.
  • Cash concentration – move funds by ACH from accounts at other banks to your main operating account at Sterling Federal Bank.

Sterling Federal Bank’s Business Banking Team can help you set up your system and manage your ACH transactions.

Easy Wire Transfer

Sterling Federal Bank’s online wire transfer services eliminate the need to visit a local branch office each time you need to initiate a wire transfer. We have two options to allow you to make secure, convenient wire transfers right from your office.

  • Repetitive Wire Transfer – For wire transfers being sent to the same party on an ongoing basis. Create wire transfer instructions one time and access the template each time you need to wire funds to that party. The only information that needs to be changed is the amount and date.
  •  Non-Repetitive Wire Transfer – Wire transfers for which you enter in all of the beneficiary information each time you initiate a wire transfer.

Sterling federal Bank’s Easy Wire Transfer allows you to send funds same-day in a highly secure environment with our Safe Wire process.

Positive Pay

Check fraud is on the rise due to today’s advanced technology that makes it easier than ever to create fraudulent checks against your business. You can be proactive by adding Sterling Federal Bank’s Positive Pay to your business banking relationship.

How it works:

  • You create a data file for all checks – as you write checks you create an online data file with the issue date, serial number and dollar amount of each check.
  • We verify the checks – we use your data file to verify the checks that post to your account. Non-matching items are reported back to you for your review and payment decision.

Sterling Federal Bank’s Positive Pay helps you automatically reduce the possibility of check fraud. We work with you to verify that you have actually issued the checks that post to your account.

Merchant Remote Deposit Capture

Send deposits electronically to your account when it’s convenient for you – without leaving your office. Simply scan the checks you receive and transmit your deposit via a secure web connection.

Contact our Business Banking Team to see how Merchant Remote Deposit Capture supports your business and add it to your business banking services today.