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Need working capital right now? Need to grow your business quickly?

Through our partnership with Fundation®, we’ve streamlined our loan process and expanded the credit solutions we can provide to our customers.

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Takes as little as ten minutes to complete online. Or drop by the bank and we’ll guide you through the application.


Personal and business information is encrypted. Rest assured any information you share is highly secure.


Funding can be provided in as little as one business day. So you get your money when you need it.

Credit Solutions

Powered by Fundation®

  • More credit options > Term loan options through Sterling Federal Bank as well as Fundation.
  • More choices > you may get offers from both lenders. Choose the loan that meets your needs.
  • Personal service > Whether you borrow from Sterling Federal Bank or Fundation.
  • Best-in-class technology > Designed to accelerate the approval & delivery of small business loans.


Offers are both term loans (up to $1,000,000) and lines of credit (up to $100,000) with no pre-payment and terms up to 5 years. We only offer fully-amortizing loans – meaning you only pay interest on the outstanding balance.

See what a Fundation-powered loan can offer your business.

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